by Lorenzo Canu and Nikita Kulikov

Journalism matters, particularly in times of crisis

We live in a world where journalism is a very relevant profession. While we cannot underestimate the impact on society (especially in times of crisis), the existence of journalism, providing accurate and trustworthy information, cannot be taken for granted.

Many media organizations are struggling…

The way we understand the ongoing pandemic is mostly shaped by the media, but in times of directly invisible unrest, a special role is played by photojournalists. Supporting health communication with images facilitates people’s attention, makes it easier to remember, identify with and understand the information presented. Therefore, photography testifying…

It is believed that traumatic or highly stressful experiences can be stored as memories in a dysfunctional way, due to the emotional impact at the time of the experience.

The EMDR technique focuses precisely on the memories of the trauma or stressful event and, through the use of eye movements or other forms of alternating right/left stimulation, it aims to desensitize these memories, making them lose the negative emotional charge that they inevitably possess.

EMDR is currently used to treat:

  • Trauma from road accident or other serious accidents;
  • Trauma from various types of abuse;
  • Trauma from natural disasters;
  • Trauma from eating disorders;
  • Bereavement and loss of loved ones;
  • Humiliation suffered in childhood or in adulthood;
  • Childhood trauma of various kinds.

by Melania Fantastico

* The person wants to stay anonymous.

During the pandemic, the interviewee has mainly found a total transformation of her work from physical to digital.

She had already partially started working online, but the covid had a booster effect on her working life speeding the needs.


The M100 Young Journalist Workshop Team 2021

Editorial Team:

  • Alksninytė Urtė
  • Julia Andreatta
  • Magherita Basanisi
  • Lorenzo Canu
  • Ioannis Delimaris
  • Melania Fantastico
  • Konstantinos Kougkas
  • Nikita Kulikov
  • Inna Kuzmina
  • Goshe Nikolov
  • Fabiola Maria Rubuano
  • Andreea Tanasie

Guest Speakers

  • Brigitte ALFTER
  • Wolfgang BLAU
  • Sham JAFF
  • Roland SCHATZ

Workshop Lead:

  • Edith MICHAELER/ Vienna, Austria
    Twitter / Insta: .@ed_mich // LinkedIn
  • Leonard NOVY/ Berlin, Germany
  • Sabine SASSE/ Berlin, Germany

M100 - Young European Journalists

The workshop is as part of the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium and addressed to young journalists from Europe, the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia.

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